December 29, 2008

29th December 2008

I'm vividly can recall what was happened on today during last month...Life is moving so fast. Day to nite, and nite to it has been a month I've been here. Yet many things I have to figure out about my self living here...

1) I have to ensure that my study will not deviate to something that I wont it to be, just like what happened when I was doing my Masters last time.
2) I must to find a car!!! it is so hard to live here without a car. Yesterday, I did my shopping and carried 4 bags on my hand and 2 bags in my carriage bag...from sainsburry back to my house...with a chill weather outside, and I'm wearing just a long sleeve tshirt with sleeveless jumper. So get a soon as possible, life can be much easier...but problem:- where to find money? huhuhu
3) Should I or should I not move out and rent a new house for myself? hummmmmmm
4) I need to find a part time then at least I can do some I right?
5) I want to register for gym here. It has been more than 2 months I've stopped train my fitness...I feel soooo not healthy...ewahhhhh ahahhaha.

Till then...Salam Maal Hijrah to all Muslim all over the world...Stay live in peace and Remember Allah always...InsyaAllah, life will be more easier and happier...

Love you,
A xxx


  1. keje la long..
    nanty blh kirim duet kat uteh.. =]

  2. "just like what happened when I was doing my Masters last time."

  3. uteh...takder maknennya nak antau duit kat awak u still remembered? i was registered for statistic and a week after, i've changed my course to computer science, so am scared if i have to change my title/area or supervisor here...huuhuh

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  5. huhuhu..
    jangan bg duit kat uteh 2...
    salam maal hijrah n hepy nu year...
    sebulan telah berlalu...!!!!