December 13, 2008

Alexandra Burke

Woooowwwwwww...this is so more than what we have in Malaysia. The X-factor series is just like other entertainment competition we have back in Malaysia. Similar like Akademi Fantasia, Malaysian Idol, One in a Million and all other realitiy tv series. The difference is only, at X-Factor, you are really seeing STARS singing...and not kinda crap who got the award because of our Malaysian sympathy.Hehehe.....somebody gonna kill me...aren't ya? Don't worry am just kidding, Malaysian also can have a wonderfull star like Alexandra Burke, a new born star from the 2nd X-Factor competition (2nd i i right?) She is so wonderfull..except...she always crying....humm I wonder, why ladies always with happiness and definitely even in sadness...Hehehe...

Here she is the fabulous and tremendous new star in entertainment...Alexandra Burke...


  1. Not the second edition. It was an all-black final, was it?

  2. Yes correct...ladies always with happiness and definitely even in sadness...but for me if it is extremely sad… my tears won't fall huhu...

  3. hehehee...thanks to abg harris sbb sudi singgah blog tak seberapa nie...

    to min, kalau extremely sad...what will fall?hehehe

  4. Cehhh hampesss..huhu waterfall will fall kihkihkih ada kene mengene ke?..