December 13, 2008

Day for my friends...

Initially planned to go and have my jobs done at my office, but the raining day made me so damn lazy to walk out. With the cold weather outside it is really put me here I am staying at home, watching movies, relaxing, sleeping, cooking and after this wanna go to cost cutter to buy some stuff.

Still entry for now will be all about friends of mine...perhaps just their pictures...ehehehe. They are my beloved frend...I've got few more...but I just can't find their sorry to razik, fikri, azzimir, shaiful, ramzee, kak wei, nita, hernie...and more and more...


  1. huhu lazy yee..

    Let me introduce them..

    First pic..fizan n his best friend kadir..another 2 hehe.. don't know ;-p

    Second pic...emm refer to fourth pic

    Third pic... fizan n rustam...hehe although gelap, still can see with 'mata hati'

    Fourth pic...from back, lovely.. tini,ro-z,su mae..then in front ifa, fizan, min and yuzi hehe

  2. Fizan... Walaupun fizan ramai kawan, tp msti fizan paling sayang kat kitorang kan kan kan? (msti kak tini, min, iffa, aji and mae tgh menganggukkan kepala menyetujui) muahaha..

    Take care.

    Lots of loves,
    Axegang ;p

  3. perghhh... axegang? awat ganaih sangat nama geng? :P

  4. kak hernie... nama tu iffa yg create.. haha..

  5. yeyyyyy geng kapak!!! rindu kat korang!!!....hernie nak join ker geng kapak? tapi hernie dah ada sofea...geng kapak semua single2...bujang lagi....

    oppppppsssssss ketua geng kapak jer yg dah tak bujang. ehehehe...jgn marah chip!!