December 13, 2008

Hajjah Kak Anne...

Alhamdulillah, Kak Anne is now coming back from Hajj. Just now Abg Harris brought me to deliver the chicken to Abg Adam, Ed and lastly to Kak Farhi's house....and over there we have met Kak Anne or should I start calling her Hajjah Kak Anne now. At Ed's, Mahmood (from Syria) and Pinar (from Turky) cooked a very wonderful dinner for Abg Harris and me. They served us with pasta and salad. Ed (surprisingly the person is a she, Mozac's x-stud) was also cooked a chicken chop for us...It was a lovely dinner for 5 of us. The dinner was also including a hot tea and Turkish coffee by Pinar....such a wonderful people we have here.

Back to Hajjah Kak Anne, abah and mom are always asking me about Kak Anne. Now, they won't be worried anymore, because Kak Anne is now going to take care of me here. Alhamdulillah, because for mom and abah, at least they know, that I'm been taking care by a good hand, by some one that they already met and knew...Some more, Kak Anne is closed to our family. Am happy to be here because everyone is caring here. Even at Kak Farhi's house, Abg Shahrain (kak farhi's husband) is so insist to help me to find a car. What a lovely community we have here...At Kak Farhi's house also we have been invited for a dinner. Kak Farhi cooked ayam masak lemak, ikan terubuk goreng, sambal belacan, keropok, and as for dessert we had agar-agar santan. Even I'm just 2 weeks here, everything seems like very easy to me. InsyaAllah, am hoping the best for me here and of course, if I'm happy here, my family also will be happy there...

It has been 2 weeks already I've been here...2 WEEKS babbbbbbeee...Alhamdulillah...So far so good...

I've got my debit card this afternoon, tried to activate it...but perhaps I'm so exhausted from 2 dinner I had just now, made my brain can't even read the instructions then it failed at first and made me surrender and prepare to sleep...perhaps I will continue to activate it tomorrow.

TOmorrow we gonna have Malaysian's gathering at Burleigh School. I will upload pictures tomorrow....

So keep reading my blog yeah.....c ya...and good nite......!!!

Every day, every morning, I love you mom, abah, angah, uda, uteh, adik and nenek and mak uteh...


  1. lah 4 tahun jap jew..
    stdy baek2..
    nanty blik jgn lupe bli bmw coupe taw..


  2. hampeh...bukan nak suruh bawak balik sijil ker apa ker...suruh bawak balik bmw tu...

  3. Hopefully every day, every morning you also love me...

  4. kak Anne said

    Afizan, boleh tukau gambau tu tak?.. besar sangat sengih kak Anne..

  5. heheheh...utk anne..selamat pulang dr mekah. Moga2 ia mengubah sempadan iman anda. Utk afizan lak, u can start smiling till ur ear cause anne dah balik..ihhihi