December 25, 2008

mari bertinju

di sblh housemate
di padang golf
di london
so sorry for waiting sooooo long to update my blog...humm busy. but not busy with your dream busy with plenty of plans to do shopping. ahahhaha...

tomorrow morning, abg harris will fetch asri and me and we will convoy with kak anne, ed, mahmod and another girl to swindon (i've heard it is a huge sales outlet)...once done at swindon, abg harris will drive us to london and we will stay at hyde park for one night before continue shopping on the next day at harrods...(harrods tu!!! nak tunggu sales baru leh shopping, otherwise...hang dtg amik gambar jerlah)...and after that, most probably we will drive back to once,i reach my room again, i will update my blog with many more hot and interesting entries c ya!! happy boxing day to every one...


  1. cam besh jew shopping2 nieh...

  2. nk kirim jugak nk kirim jugak hehehe~

    ~oranglipis :)

  3. hai along..
    jgn lupe bli brg uteh..
    neway x sesuai gitu hang men golf..

  4. uteh!!! ngekngok!!!...

    razik...yeah me was so lovely when i went to visit camden town again last time..

    orglipis....ehehe ok jer

  5. Salam..

    hai long..miss u so much!!!
    wah, sronoknye dpt berjln n perlu diingat, jgn boros ye..manage ur money wisely!
    jgn lupa belikan coklat..hehe..
    luv u n take care!!!

  6. 'angah' coklat tak lupa pesan ea hehehe..mmg laa hang ni..antu coklat

  7. salam angah.....tq for dropped by...missss u so much!!!! along rinduuuuuu sgt2...

    min...tq...hehhehe kami berdua dah jadi hantu cadburry!!! hehehe