December 17, 2008


Alhamdulillah, it has been my second week in the office. Please refer to the entry 2 to have a look on my office ambience.

Yesterday was my first meeting with other PhD students under group Digital Image Processing with supervision by Associate Prof Dr Eran and Dr Qinggang. It was just a simple meeting where everyone introduced their project to the floor...Seems like everyone is either finished or finishing their research...and I'm the only one who is still looking for an application for my area.Since Dr Qinggang reminded me already "you must have an implementation...I want to see a hardware or robot..." hehehe am so exaggerated.

Last night Abang Harris offered to cook laksa for me...But Allah is the Most Merciful, instead of waiting for Abg Harris to cook laksa for me...we went out to have a buffet dinner at Eataway, Leicester. Most important thing is,we were there to celebrate our beloved couple first year anniversary, Farah and Mokhzan. I will upload the pictures and news bout that later yeah...we went with four by mokhzan's mini cooper.

And as for today, I've got nothing to do...but tomorrow I will have another meeting. First meeting will be with Dr discuss about my readings, he expecting some discussion I guess. At 12.00pm, I will attend a christmas lunch meeting with Dr Eran's PhD's here is all about makan2 ahhh...

Most probably I will go home after 4pm. Wanna buy some groceries stuff.

I called abah this morning, and they are all busy shopping and settling few things so-called preparation for uda's wedding...I miss them already. Huhuhu...I wish I can have a gut to ask a permission from Dr Qinggang to get leaves about 2 weeks to attend my uda's wedding...Mak and Abah really persuade me to come back...yeah lol, first wedding ever in my family and i'm not around...

Enough for now, I have to prepare a report for my meeting with Dr Qinggang tomorrow.No pic for today yeah...

Till then...I love u mak, I love u abah,I love u angah, I love u uda, I love uteh,I love u adik, I love u nenek, I love u mak uteh


  1. waaa....sir nye wedd bile plak?haha..=P

  2. sape itu ASA..???

  3. emm..hardware or robot? robot laa..hehe. wat yg dengar ckp ckt hehe.. leh suruh mcm2 ;-p

  4. Uda is your bro right? Bila kawin? Along nye bile lak?