December 29, 2008

my housemates

here i come to introduce u to my housemates...

landlord- Mr Pete
he is a local- a widower and a very lovely person. he is so respectfull and has a lovely house to stay in with. he is working here at the university.

housemate- Mr Asri
he is from malaysia- a single and a researcher at UKM, Malaysia. he is good with physics and doing his phd in chemistry.....hummm

ohh yeah that are the foods that i cooked...i should get the credit am i? who cares if people talking back bout that...hehehe. and guess what pete love to eat malaysian food and he is now learning to use fingers to lovely he is...

hey...don't forget to check out fotopages website to check out geng2 kapak pictures...(iffa am promoting our hope u do the same to me...heheehe)


  1. Yummy...sedapnyee..nak sikit :-)

  2. Alhamdulillah dpt housemates n kwn2 yg baik2. mudah2an dipermudahkan segalanye..

  3. min...meh lah dtg sini

    angah...thanks..doakan orang kat u always

  4. uish klo tiket setaka puluhan rggt...skrg msti saya dah ade depan pintu rumah awk huhu..

    silap2 tiap2 kali cuti msti segerombolan wanita2 CANTIK (axegang :-p) merayau kat london tue. Awk juga yg rimas :-D