February 26, 2009

No Shower, Spring, Cambridge again...

Since yesterday morning, we had a cold shower. Wait that's not the worst part, we had a cold shower in winter season. hahhaha...Luckily this house has 2 bathrooms, so, ever since, I have to go downstairs every time if I would like to have hot shower.

Spring is approaching. I can't wait for this winter to completely finish. We gonna start the 7hours time difference by end of March. So afterwards, to all my beloved families and frens, we only have 7 hours different lol. Ohhh the best part is, I will have a fabulous and wonderful scenary around UK, anywhere I go I can see tullips and rosses...in ultimately variety colors.

I'm writing this blog at 4.46am. I was awake at 3.05am...went downstairs and had hot shower again. Hehehee...and now waiting for suboh, another 15 mins to go. And I'm going to cambridge at 11am today, and will be in London by this saturday, most probably.

February 22, 2009


MATTER:- International Group Dinner (IGD)





Afizan - Malaysia
Athar- India
Dimitra- Greece
Parvel- Poland
Samuel- Mexico
Siew Beh- Malaysia
Lewis- Malaysia
Nicolleta- Romania

Starter/Appetizer- Vegetarian and Crab meat Dim Sum (by Siew Beh and Lewis)
Doughnut (by Dimitra)
Main course- Tomato Rice (by Afizan)
Marinated Beef with Pickles and Vinegar Sauce (by Nicolleta)
Yellow Stew Chicken (by Athar)
Dessert- Sagu with Brown Sugar and Coconut milk (by Siew Beh and Lewis)
Button Chocolate Cake (bought by Afizan)
Drinks- Pomegranate Juice, Passion and Pineaple Juice, Orange Juice, Coke and Fanta (by Samuel and Parvel)

February 20, 2009

B=banyak, U=urusan, S=suffernya, Y=Ya Ampun...

training from 9am-11am, 11am-7pm-reading and preparing documents for meeting progress

training from 9am-11am, 11am-6pm-reading and preparing documents again

training from 9am-11am, 11am-3pm-reading and preparing documents, 3pm-4pm-pre meeting with supervisor 1

reading and preparing documents-10am-1pm, 2pm-3pm-meeting progress with both supervisors

morning-accidently fall asleep till 12pm, 2pm-5pm-doing works at office

Kelas KAFA-10.30am-12.30pm, cooking for group dinner-1pm-3pm, 4pm-10pm-group dinner at forest court

AHAD......harap2 free lahhhh huhuhuhu tak larat lah...penat sgt2

February 12, 2009

Nissan Micra

Ohhh lupa lak..i dah beli kereta...sekadar utk kegunaan i pergi ke pejabat, since skrg nie snowing, sejuk banget...plus keja i bertambah2...so selalu lah nak kena balik malam...so belilah keter, dpt good offer from abg edwin and kak malia...harga kereta GBP 600. comel jer keternyerrr...warna UNGGU LAGI!!! sure korang pon suka. lebih2 lagi kalau tgk i yang drive, confirm korang akan mengalami fixation gaze movement and later on load into cognitive distraction and endup korang dah atas katil kat hospital...hehehe...ahhh itulah yg i study skrg, dari mata jatuh ke otak masuk ke hospital...korang faham tak? tak faham sudah.....itu lah lebih kurang pasal my phd topik. pening kan? huhuhuhu ohh i lagi pening...

ehh apa hal dari citer keter masuk bab hospital nie...ohh i dah pakai keter tu seminggu dah, minyak jimat giler!!!!! tadi kak anne dah test tumpang. ehehehe. and she said she loves it...hehheee sbb comeyyyy.

cambridge AND SNOW!!!

Went to cambridge again...

bad news, i was stranded at milton keynes for more than hour...no coaches coming in to milton keynes. ended up i was stranded!!! i can't go anywhere. not even to get back to lufbra. calmed myself...ive asked for a taxi and asked the driver to get me to my fren's at cambridge...and guess what...i have to pay for GBP100!!!...fortunately my fren offered himself to pay half. what the heck!!! i wont stay and sleep at a bus station with snow still heavily fallin. damn u snow!!! i hate snow!!! SALJI JAHAT. i was in cambridge from friday till tuesday. luckily there wasn't snow on tuesday.

at cambridge, as usual me...i've did another shopping. but most of it are for angah, uda and my family. i've had dinner with leslie, lawrence and mattew...we had a lunch at bangkok city restaurant. i've just had a vegetarian meals...since it is not a halal restaurant. hummm...again so disspointed with the food. i've ordered fish curry. sedap lagi angah yang masak...ahahahha.

So here are the pictures from what i've bought from cambridge...


February 2, 2009

Salji Jahat...!!!

This is my second time though...
But this is my first time experiencing the heavily one...
And I hate it...

Salji Jahat!!!

February 1, 2009

1st February 2009

Went to Leicester with Dimitra from Greek and Athar from India, by East Midlands Train. We are supposely goin there with few more people, but endup, they cancelled in a very last minute notice...huhuhu. SO just 3 of us...

It was quite heavily snowed in Leicester. Dimitra keep running to get her away from the snowflakes. hehehe...Athar loved it very much. Me? Hummm...WHATEVERRRRRRR...

Bought few things from John Lewis High Cross, Leicester...I've bought a bag and belt from TOPMAN and an iPOD Shuffle from Apple Store.

I've bought few stuffs too from Loughborough Town Center on Friday, when I went shopping with Kak Malia and Abg Edwin. I've bought a lovely yellow sweater and green t-shirt from Primark, a Star war t-shirt and box of handkerchief from NEXT, and some gifts for someone...

It is birthday Kak Malia actually today...hehehehe. Happy Birthday to you Kak Malia, hope all your dreams come true. InsyaAllah...