February 12, 2009

cambridge AND SNOW!!!

Went to cambridge again...

bad news, i was stranded at milton keynes for more than hour...no coaches coming in to milton keynes. ended up i was stranded!!! i can't go anywhere. not even to get back to lufbra. calmed myself...ive asked for a taxi and asked the driver to get me to my fren's at cambridge...and guess what...i have to pay for GBP100!!!...fortunately my fren offered himself to pay half. what the heck!!! i wont stay and sleep at a bus station with snow still heavily fallin. damn u snow!!! i hate snow!!! SALJI JAHAT. i was in cambridge from friday till tuesday. luckily there wasn't snow on tuesday.

at cambridge, as usual me...i've did another shopping. but most of it are for angah, uda and my family. i've had dinner with leslie, lawrence and mattew...we had a lunch at bangkok city restaurant. i've just had a vegetarian meals...since it is not a halal restaurant. hummm...again so disspointed with the food. i've ordered fish curry. sedap lagi angah yang masak...ahahahha.

So here are the pictures from what i've bought from cambridge...



  1. ala...
    salji jugak yg jahat ek...

  2. napew salji 2 jahat dr. afizan..
    salji 2 gangu hang eh..
    x pe nanty kite ngadu kat abah k..
    huwawawawa(adk mu nieh dh mereng ckit) :)

    weh mane uteh nye...
    jalez siot..

  3. hang dah dpt perfume cukuplah...ngada2 nak mcm2...tak larat nak layan ok...org nak belikan hang gak. sama mcm uda nyer nak? warna puteh...? ada biru gelap...lawa gak. ada XXL size..ahahahaa

  4. wow..
    jgn ar tulis saiz 2..
    malu ar..
    blh jew..
    uteh trime seade nye..

  5. hahaha...
    baru tau yg mr nuar pkai saiz xxl...

  6. uish...manjenyee jadi adek mr afizan ni. Rasanyee klo saya jadi adik awk leh order skali tak?...hehe ;-p