February 26, 2009

No Shower, Spring, Cambridge again...

Since yesterday morning, we had a cold shower. Wait that's not the worst part, we had a cold shower in winter season. hahhaha...Luckily this house has 2 bathrooms, so, ever since, I have to go downstairs every time if I would like to have hot shower.

Spring is approaching. I can't wait for this winter to completely finish. We gonna start the 7hours time difference by end of March. So afterwards, to all my beloved families and frens, we only have 7 hours different lol. Ohhh the best part is, I will have a fabulous and wonderful scenary around UK, anywhere I go I can see tullips and rosses...in ultimately variety colors.

I'm writing this blog at 4.46am. I was awake at 3.05am...went downstairs and had hot shower again. Hehehee...and now waiting for suboh, another 15 mins to go. And I'm going to cambridge at 11am today, and will be in London by this saturday, most probably.


  1. cool and cold. tak thn sejuk. hehe. mau beku kalau pegi sane.

  2. humm..my dream..to be in the tulips garden