March 23, 2009

Cuti-cuti Malaysia...(1)

These are few pictures taken when we were spending our time at Uda's house. Uda is now working in KL as an Engineer in R&D. Staying with his wife (Ema the Pooh, hehheeh) at Sri Damansara. We went to KL on Sunday 15th of March. The house still got incomplete furnitures and stuffs...hehehe. BUt we had a good time together. That is what I really wanted. Just spending time with my beloved famili. Oh yeah, we went to IKEA bought few things for their house too. And on Monday's night, we went to TGI's Friday to celebrate my youngest brother's birthday, Amir the Comel and Spoilt!!!. hehhehe...


  1. ermm..
    konyang gle mkn tgi friday kan..
    awat pic uteh ckit sgt..??????

  2. sitekateki:- semua tu kitaorg masak ramai2. hehehehe

    uteh:- nanti along upload kat fotopages or facebook lah...awak amik kat sana

  3. ain....jgn jelesssss. dok msia, makan makan makan...eheehe