May 28, 2009

Teh panas=feel lonely, Teh ais=feel accepted

Our mom always avoiding us from drink a soft drink, eat a cold food or a cold drink. She always said that, it will make us unhealthy. Our bones will be fragile and it will make us get sick easily. But I've found this article about hot food and its corelation with our loneliness= physiological correlates with emotion.

The article says that-
"The University of Toronto team found people feeling excluded said a room was colder than those feeling included.
And people who felt left out also chose comforting hot soup, rather than an apple or soft drink. A UK psychologist said the findings could help people feeling isolated, particularly in the winter months.
The "unpopular" participants (the felt out or isolated) were much more likely than the others to want either hot soup or hot coffee.
The researchers suggest their preference for warm food and drinks resulted from physically feeling cold as a result of being excluded."
Dr Chen-Bo Zhong, who led the research, which is published in the journal Psychological Science, said: "We found that the experience of social exclusion literally feels cold.
"This may be why people use temperature-related metaphors to describe social inclusion and exclusion."
Some evidence supports the idea that reduced temperature also contributes to an increase in depressive experience .
The team suggests the findings could be used to treat people's feelings of sadness or loneliness.
Writing in the journal, published by the American Association of Psychological Science, they say: "An interesting direction for research would be to determine whether experiencing the warmth of an object could reduce the negative experience of social exclusion.
"Such an implication has been used metaphorically in the self-help literature, but our research suggests that eating warm soup may be a literal coping mechanism for social exclusion."

So to our should feel lucky coz your kids dont feel lonely, we never felt excluded and we never felt left out...I think you know, that your kids are always being "popular" among their don't worry mak, your kids are doing great, we eat and drink cold stuffs because we dont feel the emptiness because mom and dad always there to fill our holes with happiness and enjoyments.

So...after this dont stop us to order teh o ais and milo ais when we have breakfast at kedai roti canai awang. ehehehehe...

Social exclussion- feel cold and needs warmth foods
Social inclussion- feel warmth and takes cold foods

Just a simple way of my interpretation...


  1. bestnyer dpt panas camtuh... kat sini kejap2 panas.. kejap2 hujan.. uhuks... life getting livelier

  2. abg trex...missssss u!!! hehehehe
    tahniah dah kahwin...wahhhh pink lagi baju tunang...eheehe