August 17, 2009

few weeks with thousand of stories...

salam semua...
sorry sangat2 dah lama tak update blog nie...sampai ada yg tegur dah nampak sawang labah2 dah web blog i nie.
so many things happened recently...
how about i start with happy thoughts first.
first of all...thank you very much to those celebrated and wished for my birthday this year. Alhamdulillah, it was so fantastic...being apart from your family, but still you are not forgotten. i've received thousands of wishes, prays, and not to forget to mention a wonderful surprise from azri, abg harris, kak anne, kak fara, kak maz, ed, maya, abg dino, abg mosan and kak malia's family. on the night of my birthday, azri, abg harris and asri...made a surprise celebration for me...i was sleeping already, and they knocked my door at 12am...which i thought my housemate got an emergency for me to help...nan adooooo...once the door opened, they sang me a birthday song...ehheehhe. i was blushing...yet soooooo happy. azri from london, took a bus to lufbra just to spend 5 hours to celebrate my birthday and has to go back to london for his meeting with supervisor. then at night...again, i've been drove by abg harris to a secret celebration again. kak anne, kak maz, kak fara, ed, maya, dayah, abg mosan, and abg dino cooked sooooo many foods to celebrate my birthday and abg mosan birthday (which is a day after mine). i've got cards...and gifts from them...a nike running t-shirt, an ipod lock and a burberry perfume from azri. again the next day, we still celebrating abg mosan and my birthday at one restaurant in leicester.
and last weekend...we had family day for MML. we have prepared with different kind of meals...seemed like hari raya to me. it was wonderful.

ok enuf happy the bad one. feeling so insecure, fragile, easily feel scare.
takmo lah ckp in details...but lately, rasa mcm kena "kacau". rasa sangat penat, sangat takut, dan sangat keliru.... tak tahu kenapa...dah nak dekat Ramadhan dah pon...tapi rasa macam2. few incidents happened yg buat bulu roma naik...but i always believe kuasa Allah lebih besar dari yang lain.ya Allah moga Engkau melindungi diriku...Amin


  1. aik bila bertukar ke itam semula ni?
    Selambe je org yg kate ade sawang labah2 kat blog awk eak..jom rotan dia hehe..

    No need to feel insecure..Allah always there to protect us

  2. eh, our bday candles sama! :)-tisha