August 3, 2009

picnic again

with my future baby girl in dream-layla
my future baby boy in dream-kyleb

again...we went for a picnic last weekend. we just love to spend time together, and enjoying the meals we cooked or bought. :).
as usual, our picnic members are retain the same...abg harris,kak anne, kak maz, abg dino, farah, mosan, iwa, maya, ed and mahmood...but this time we have got 3 more new members...welcoming ecah (kak maz's sister), nourul (ed's fren) and CT (farah's coursemate).
this time, our menus are:- nasi lemak (prepared by CT), gulai ayam kari (CT), nasi tomato (kak maz), ayam masak merah (ed, maya, kak farrie), dessert (kak anne), bee hoon goreng (dayah), eggs, cucumbers and nuts (me). hehehehe...ohh and not to forget, mahmood also contributed his delicay fatush...

and then as usual, after a tiring moment at borstworth, we went to kak maz and abg dino's house. a night before, we cooked mee kari and keuw teow goreng and also watched Ju-On, but yesterday, farah cooked mee kuah and we watched sweet home alabama.

so as for today...we all back to our normal life...a moment of boredom, working and reading. huhuhu. hate it but have to love it though.


  1. awk besh jew g 'PICNIC'..
    yang uteh 'PENING' jew tgk perangai hang nieh..
    x reti dok umah kew along syg..???

  2. sure its not ur baby boy and girl?

  3. amboi along...jalan sakan..hee..n asyik makan jew ea..hee..:)

  4. salam..afizan..wahh..di oversea lagi ya..ingatkan ada kat sini :)