April 16, 2010

See u When i See u

I am quite busy currently. Will update the blog later. Happy weekend to everyone. Just a few updates:-

1) might probably going to spain again
2) can't wait to see my syahmi
3) forecast said it is going to snow again this weekend (hummmmmmm)
4) will getting busier if i've got the morning job
5) my road tax, insurance, mot all are due at the same time. gadaboshhhhhhh poor me
6) my life is getting better and happier.alhamdulillah
7) boxes i've shipped last two months are arrived safely
8) need to buy more cadburry roses and quality for angah
9) finger cross for a paper submitted to portugal. dont think will get it through
10) i miss them soooooooo much and feel like wanna hug n kiss them!!!

Your love,


  1. take care along....nanti 5/6 kite jumpe ek..insya-Allah...:)

  2. miss u too... dalam boxes tu ada tak yg untuk mak ude. klu ada.. minggu ni juga mak uda balik kg.. heheh :D

  3. mine ade? :-p


  4. ain...5/6 ni? ada apa? ain dtg sini ker?

    mak uda...entah ler. hehehhe.

    -H****- sapa kah gerangan anda yerk?

  5. eceh...wat2 tanye lak org 2...ye lah along..x de pape ea..ok2..

  6. ain...along tak dpt balik. huhuhu.

  7. mak uda...dan dan lah kan. hehehhee. entah ler nanti kena tanya mak

  8. yo yo o je x dapat balik along neih..x lawak pown ok..ehee..:)