May 23, 2011


as been requested by my deary mak with ive put some of the pictures taken around tenerife, spain. frankly speaking, the place is verily intrigued especially for those who are seeking for a place to relax and rest. the views...are SUBHANALLAH, stunning and my eyes were inevitibly wide opened.

tenerife, is one of the island from canary islands. just a quick idea about canary islands. it consists of 6 small islands including tenerife. each island has its own attraction. like tenerife, it is well-known with its volcanic mountain called el-teide (we were climbed up the mountain and guess what it was icey when reached the top).

and then another interesting place, we went to this wonderful and beautiful village called Masca. to reach the village it was like driving in hell!!! climbing up a hill with 45 degrees and with a small road for incoming and outgoing vehicles. now...imagine, u driving on a one way road, but in this village, that small road allowing both ways. and imagine if u are having a bus coming up your way??? fortunately i was not the one who drove the car. otherwise, i will definitely shout and scream all the way up and down to the village. ahahaha.

and then our rented apartment was located near to the sea and a u can imagine, how interesting it is to see big big ships and ferry passing by your view all the time. very2 exciting!!! and not to forget, you can see many *ikan masin* sunbathing...totally exciting to see and view.

so just enjoy the pictures...


  1. terima kasih along. macam tau-tau je mak uda suka tgk gambar permandangan dari gambar orang. :) cantiknya ciptaanNYA. suka gambar no. 5 dan 6 sbb ada garis horizon between langit, laut dan tanah..

  2. mak uda....sama2 kasih. nak lagi ke? ada lg pic2. kalau nak along leh send kat mak uda.gambar yg last tu, tmpt dia mmmg sgt2 cantik...diaorg dah tutup actually tmpt tu, so tak ramai tahu tmpt tu sgt. mmg cantik lahhh

  3. along, kalau along bagi gambar2 cantik tu kat mak uda.. kirimkan sekali tiket kapal terbang ek!.. hahahah.. mesti along gerrrrrrr ngan mak udaa...