April 9, 2013


it has been a long time since i have posted something on my blog. life is hectic...yet am still feeling bored. why? am not sure...perhaps i haven't get i have been wanted in life. whatever it is, life has to move on.

a few days back, my days were colorful, up and down...but i have got through it. alhamdulillah. progress on my study is getting better. doa for the best i hope. i can't wait to fly back to UK and meet my lovely princesses aleesya and reina. i miss them a lot.

honestly, talking and having kids around me...they really made my problem fly away. and that is why everyday since and then...i always like to go back to Pernu, so then i can meet my ultrakids syahmi and my hanana dancer syanza.

i have learnt something very important a few days back...Kemaafan adalah perkara yang paling berharga dalam kehidupan. I have learnt that, if you could be able to forgive people, your mind will be set free and and your heart will come to peace. believe it or not...i am feeling it. i forgive them and i have becoming a better person (i hope...insyaAllah).

i have also learnt that, if you love someone...you have to protect it. no matter what, your love is your love. you have to win the battle to earn your love. if it said that the love is for you...it will be all yours.

now, my mind is in peace...and Allah has granted sooo many good things to me and make everything easier for me. AllahuAkbar...i was almost to fail. yet Allah has offered His Mercy. and am so grateful...i hope everything will be fine as it is. InsyaAllah if you remember Allah, Allah will always remember u...

i always saying this to all my friends...Allah will never test you unless it is with your capability.

i love Allah, i love my mom n dad, i love my famili, i love you, and i love my frens.

*ohh me and my family is now running a business...so if you would like to purchase any stuffs from UK like tefal, corelle, perfumes, kids stuffs and etc...please go to our facebook page: jualan murah uk.

yoou will love it!!!

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